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What People Say About La Petite Chalet

We could wax lyrical all day about what makes La Petite Chalet the best choice for Lodging in Little Switzerland NC. However, we are also willing to admit that we could be a little biased! Browsing our gallery will show you how beautiful the décor is and how magical the grounds are, but for a true idea of what La Petite Chalet is really like – who better to ask then those who have already stayed with us!

Let’s take a look at what some of our previous guests have said about La Petite Chalet and how it measures up as one of the best choices for Lodging in Little Switzerland, NC.

The Zehers from Chapel Hill, NC

Back in October 2018, The Zehers certainly had an adventurous stay – not all of it planned! They had a great time exploring the local hiking trails and paying a visit to the stunning Grassy Creek Falls! However, they had some unexpected excitement during the night when high winds in the area took out the power! In their review of their visit they noted our attention to detail – something we believe makes us among the best lodging in Little Switzerland, NC! We can’t wait to welcome the Zehers for a return visit – hopefully without the stormy weather!

“Losing power in the middle of the night was unexpected but What winds! Thankfully you supplied extra down comforters in the closet and a flashlight! We enjoyed it all! We’ll be back!”

The Malloys and The Beals from Sanford, NC

 It warmed our hearts to see the review from these lovely guests titled as ‘A Special Place’ because that is exactly how we feel about La Petite Chalet too! In fact, their review hit so many of the points we always make about the property – the beautiful décor, the peaceful setting, the stunning views and the sound of the running water from the Swiss water wheel! It’s nice to know others see what we see in this little piece of heaven on Earth.

“A wonderful place to spend time in!  A very special time was had by all.”

Sheryl Hershey from Winter Park, Florida

One thing we have always aimed for is that La Petite Chalet should feel like home. We want you to feel welcome here at our lodging in Little Switzerland, NC. Ms Hershey came to us from Florida and told us, “After an early morning flight from Florida, and a drive from Asheville. Weary from a long day, I climbed the steps to the front door, opened it, and the interior of this lovely cottage, said “Welcome”! “ That’s enough to let us know we have achieved our goal! Sheryl also pointed out one of our favorite features – the outdoor firepit, saying it was the perfect end to the day – roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate!

“This is home away from home for me and I can’t wait to return.”

You can read these reviews in full and check out what other guests have to say over on our reviews page. We are sure you will agree that La Petite Chalet is one of the top choices for lodging in Little Switzerland, NC. Come visit and see for yourselves!

Welcome to a little piece of heaven right here on Earth!

La Petite Chalet is the most idyllic Chalet Cabin Little Switzerland NC has to offer. The perfect spot for a romantic retreat of a mountain adventure! With stunning views of the Catawba Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains from the private tree house, you’ll soon fall in love with this quintessentially Swiss and fabulously French traveler respite. Book your visit today. Call 888-828-1654 or email

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