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How to Get the Most from Your Little Switzerland Break

So, you have been planning a mountain vacation and have stumbled upon the hidden gem that is Little Switzerland! If you are like many of our visitors, then it may very well have been love at first sight! However, if you have never visited the area before then, here are a few pointers to get the most out of your break! Let us share some insider tips including choosing lodging in Little Switzerland NCto where you need to visit during your stay!

Introducing Little Switzerland, NC

Little Switzerland is a small unincorporated community in North Carolina, located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was founded back in 1909 by North Carolina State Supreme Court Justice Heriot Clarkson with the goal of creating a resort village. The town sits around 3500 feet above sea level and offers sweeping views of the lush valleys and the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. In fact, Little Switzerland was so named because of the resemblance to the foothills of the Swiss Alps! The town has a population fluctuating between 50 and 200 depending on the time of year! Visitors are always made to feel welcome.

Now, let’s get into the tips on getting the most out of your visit!

Lodging in Little Switzerland, NC

First things, first – you need a great place to stay! As we said, visitors are always made welcome, and there is plenty of lodging in Little Switzerland NC to choose from. At La Petite Chalet we offer one of the most unique and intimate options. Many of the people who visit Little Switzerland are looking for an escape from day to day life. Rather than booking into a hotel or inn, choosing our chalet cabin gives that sought after privacy. When you book La Petite Chalet, you get exclusive use of the entire cabin which is why we are always one of the most popular choices for lodging in Little Switzerland, NC.

Get Ready to Embrace Nature

One thing to understand about Little Switzerland is that you are not visiting a bustling metropolis – but that’s likely what attracted you here in the first place. We are a small mountain village, and much of the local attractions are rooted in nature! This really is a beautiful area and you will want to make the most of it during your visit. We have some beautiful hiking trails suitable for all ages and abilities. Take in some of our majestic waterfalls, or visit one of the many viewpoints to take a panoramic view over Catawba Valley. If you choose La Petite Chalet as your lodging in Little Switzerland, NC then you can actually enjoy this stunning view from the privacy of our private treehouse!

Go Out and Explore

Little Switzerland may be small, but that does not mean you will have nothing to do. The hikes and scenery are enough to keep anyone busy for a few days, but there is also a great deal more on offer, so be ready to go out and explore! For many the Blue Ridge Parkway itself is an attraction and spending an afternoon driving the twists and turns is always fun! We also have a rich mining heritage in the area with several museums and mine tours available. There is a big art and craft scene in the area as well, so there is sure to be something to take your interest if you are prepared to explore!

Welcome to a little piece of heaven right here on Earth!

La Petite Chalet is the most idyllic Chalet Cabin Little Switzerland NC has to offer. The perfect spot for a romantic retreat of a mountain adventure! With stunning views of the Catawba Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains from the private tree house, you’ll soon fall in love with this quintessentially Swiss and fabulously French traveler respite. 

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